The Issues

Michelle has been a champion for public schools, small businesses, and working families her entire career. She understands the lived experiences of those in this district and wants to continue to be a voice for children and families. If elected, Michelle will fight to guarantee a strong and fair economy, a quality and well-funded public education system, and safe and healthy communities for Ohio and the 53rd House District.


    For most Ohioans, ensuring economic stability is at the top of their concerns. Michelle believes the government has a responsibility to ensure that our citizens can have the opportunity to achieve the stability they strive to attain.  She supports…

    • A fair tax policy that does not provide tax cuts for the wealthiest Ohioans at the expense of our working class.
    • Equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender or race.
    • The opposition of so-called “right to work” legislation that hurts labor unions. She will advocate for collective bargaining rights for public and private workers.
    • Fair wages and increase to Ohio’s minimum wage. The minimum wage has not risen to meet the rates of inflation and is simply too low to support our working families.
    • Job creation for Ohioans.  Our state will prosper only if we create and maintain an educated workforce, improve infrastructure and transportation, and increase technology access for our residents.
    • Fostering economic development by eliminating unnecessary red-tape for startups and creating incentives for businesses that directly address the pressing needs of Ohioans.
    • The restoration of the Local Government Fund to keep local governments solvent.


    As a member of the Middletown City School District Board of Education and several state education committees, Michelle has been a strong advocate for education in Ohio. As a State Representative, she will continue to advocate for our children to receive a quality education, provide them with future opportunities, and to break cycles of poverty. Investing in our children now is an investment that will pay dividends far into the future. She supports…

    • Easier access to full-day early childhood education programs to help our kids succeed believing that early-childhood education is an indicator of success later in life.
    • Increased funding for K-12 education programs in a fair and equitable manner.
    • Fair standards for accountability ensuring high expectations of achievement for all students and using data to provide more supports for under-served student populations instead of penalizing school districts for their diversity.
    • Implementing uniform transparency and accountability standards for all schools that receive public taxpayer funding.
    • Investing in diverse and innovative opportunities for students preparing them for success in a diverse, fast-paced, high-tech, ever-changing environment.

    Safe and Healthy Communities

    Michelle wants to make Ohio’s 53rd House District a place that people are proud to call home. When we enact changes at the state level, we help build strong and welcoming communities where we can live work and retire with safety and security. She supports…

    • Criminal justice reform by ensuring our justice system treats people fairly regardless of race and economic background.  She encourages ending the school to prison pipeline and addressing the addiction and opioid crisis fueled by our justice system.
    • Responsible reform for criminal sentencing to address the overcrowding of our prisons. Non-violent offenses are increasingly given longer and harsher sentences by statute and she would not support such legislation.
    • Ensuring our children grow up in a community free of environmental pollution and mitigated impacts of climate change.
    • The opposition of “stand your ground” laws that disproportionately affect minority communities and are a threat to public safety.
    • Common-sense gun reform including background checks for all firearm purchases, red flag laws, and banning assault rifles.
    • Efforts to expand healthcare access for Ohioans, especially legislation that strengthens health care standards at lower premiums.
    • The opposition of any efforts to defund Planned Parenthood or access to reproductive healthcare for women. These organizations are necessary to ensure the health of working people.
    • The opposition of the Fetal Heartbeat Bill and other legislative efforts that impose criminal penalties on women and their physicians when making their own health care decisions.  She believes these bills make our communities less safe.  Alternately, we need to do more to address the issues surrounding abortion. The best way to prevent abortions is to prevent unplanned pregnancy. We can do this by investing in quality educational opportunities for young men and women and to make sure that contraceptives are both widely available and affordable.
    • Adequate funding for local municipalities that ensure police and fire departments are equipped to fully meet the safety needs of residents.  We also need to have supports in place for the physical and mental health of those men and women that serve our community in this capacity.