Meet Michelle Novak

Michelle Novak is the Democratic Nominee to represent District 53 in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Michelle in Our Community

Michelle loves our community, and wants to make it better for all of our neighbors. Michelle is serving her community through membership in these fantastic organizations:

Middletown City School District Board of Education

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Committee

Central Academy PTO

Middletown College Pledge Development and Programming

Masters of Public Administration Alumni Association: Wright State University

Ohio School Board Association: Urban Network Committee, Black Caucus, Diversity & Equity Committee

Montgomery County Public Health Department: LGBTQ Coalition

Michelle's Education

Michelle graduated Summa Cum Laude from Wright State university in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Corporate Finance. While at Wright State, Michelle served as the President of the Student Honors Association, an officer with the Finance Club, and was appointed by former Governor Taft to serve as one of the University Student Trustees.

Then, Michelle got married, had her second child. After some time, she decided to continue her education in graduate school studying International and Comparative Politics. Her field of study was in political economy and the harmful effects of Neoliberal economic policy on our democratic institutions. Michelle eventually combined her degree with a Master of Public Administration, which she completed in 2015.

Michelle's Work

Michelle has had a thrilling career in Organizational Development. Professionally, she has worked as a grant writer and non-profit leader for 15 years. In her career, she has served many great institutions in our community with her research, organizational, and management skills.

Previously, Michelle served as the Operations Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association of the Miami Valley. Michelle recently left her job as the Operations Manager for the Miami Valley chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association after two years in order to focus on her campaign for the Statehouse, and to go back into self-employed contracting. She continues to support the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association in her advocacy efforts, and has a personal connection to the disease through her grandmother who passed away from Alzheimer’s several years ago.

Michelle’s Biography

     Both her role on the school board and through her own life experiences, Michelle has seen first-hand the effects of poverty on the opportunities for children and families. She believes it is important to provide expanded access to healthcare services and lifesaving prescription drugs. She has seen the effects of the drug epidemic and addiction, the challenges of our current health system, and the impact of state education policy on our local economy. Michelle also knows the problems with a one-party system in Butler County made possible through gerrymandered districts, and how they negatively impacts the quality of our democracy. Michelle believes firmly in the benefits of a healthy democratic system that invests in individuals, families, and education. 

      Michelle was born in upstate New York, lived briefly in Texas, and finally grew up in Miamisburg, Ohio where she graduated from Miamisburg High School in 1996. After graduating, she took a year off and went back to school full-time after having her daughter, Annamarie. Michelle got married, had her second child, and decided to continue her education in graduate school. Professionally, Michelle has worked as a grant writer and non-profit leader for 15 years. Her primary role has been continuous improvement in helping organizations with strategic plans, project planning, goal setting, and accountability. She also uses her strong financial background to help organizations create funding strategies.

     Michelle’s parents are originally from upstate New York. Her father grew up on a farm that has been in their family for generations. In addition to running the farm, her grandfather also worked for the Utica Boys Club and her grandmother worked for the Teamsters Union in Utica, New York. Michelle’s mother, Rosaria, was an Elementary School Teacher in the Dayton Public Schools, teaching primary grades until she retired. Michelle’s father, Richard, served in the National Guard as a young man. His career brought him to Ohio when he went back to school to study computer science. Then, he worked as a contractor for Armco Steel and started his own business consulting with Wright-Patt Air Force Base. After retiring, he began a mentoring program that connected Air Force personnel to students in the Dayton Public Schools. He later replicated the program in for schools in Washington, DC.

   Michelle has continued her family’s legacy as a strong advocate of urban public schools by serving as an elected member of the Middletown City School District’s Board of Education. Michelle now has four children who have attended private schools, online charter schools, and public schools. She believes that every child is different, and different educational opportunities are important to meet these needs. She believes that public schools are the perfect fit for her children and her family.